A murder Mystery - October/November 2017
The Great British Bump off!!!

As baking fever hits the country, the village fete organisers in the village of Crabblebottom prepare for their annual
confectionary competition.
We meet various villagers in the run-up and the competition.

In previous years, the competition has been judged by Patricia McLaren. She is influential, but disliked.
A celebrity chef, Eduardo D’Angelo has just moved to the village and agreed to judge.
Caroline Fountain is one of the old school of village bakers.
Sarah Mead is a baker, treated with suspicion after the disappearance of her husband.
Sophie a village baker and Maisie a village baker also enter the competition.

This year there is a change of plan, as the bake-off turns into a bump-off . Detective Sam Nelson is, fortuitously, at the fete,
 but can't solve the mystery by herself and needs the audience to help.

Cast_The Great British Bump Off!!
The Major
Erica_Eloise Mr and Mrs
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