A Murder Mystery Play

Murder is Served

by Jo West


Sunday 22nd July
at The Vine Church, London Road, Odiham, RG29 1AJ
2pm - 5pm

If you would like to be involved in any way please contact Mo Smith


Agatha Christie meets Fawlty Towers, as audience members find themselves guests at
 Cantankerous Clarissa's surprise party.

Someone is about to die, but who will it be?

With excitement, intrigue and foul play - trickery is most definitely afoot

 Character List


Dramatis Personae

Juan Gonzalez - the Spanish chef

Delilah White - the waitress

Toby Lindsay - restaurant proprietor

Clarissa Hopgood - wealthy old lady

Alice Roper - Clarissa’s companion

Clive - an entertainer

Gloria - Clive’s wife

Julia - a party guest

Reverend Green - an old friend of Clarissa’s

Two Waitresses - “extras” to help with collection of the clue sheets and to work out which table of diners

win the prize for having guessed the murderer and motive correctly


  It's that time already! Holy Ridiculous are looking forward to meeting lots of children, young people
and adults at the workshops/auditions for their production of The Wizard of Oz.

We will have a relaxed and stress free time together, so, if it’s your first time visiting an Am Dram company,
 please don’t worry. If you’re not sure, just come along and see what it’s all about.

 Everyone welcome. More news to come!


  Workshop and Auditions:

Sunday 9th September
2pm - 4pm (for all ages)


Tuesday 11th September
8pm - 10pm (adults only)

at the Vine Church, Odiham, RG29 1AJ


To be performed at Mayhill School, Odiham

on  25th/26th  January and 1st/2nd February